By Your Powers Combined...I Am Selling T-Shirts!



What had happened was...

One afternoon while shopping at S-Mart, mild mannered emcee Cutright was bitten by a radioactive silk worm after passing by the Chemical X section, giving him the power to make nerdy clothes!


Honestly, this all started out because I'm terrible when it comes to fashion. For years I've been creating personal shirts that highlighted both my love for Jesus and pop culture, as they helped craft me into the person I am today. Chances are if your reading this, the same can be applied to you.

So why Stay Faithful?

Stay Faithful isn't just another brand; it's a reminder to be the YOU that you were born to be, no matter how unpopular it makes you. You don't have to love comics books less to love Jesus and you don't have to love Jesus less to love Street Fighter, Thunder Cats or old school Kung Fu movies. Most Christian brands target urban markets, but I wanted to create something special for those of us in the faith who have a special place in their hearts for pop culture.

At the end of the day there are so many things that cause us to lose faith in ourselves, lose faith in each other and lose sight of our purpose. I just want to encourage people to stay faithful to their dreams, to their beliefs and most importantly to themselves. can't be anybody else....unless your a Skrull...and in that case, you do you fam!
Awkwardly yours,